Carole King

Her Greatest Hits

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8th Records

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Her Greatest Hits is the first comprehensive collection of hits from folk-pop songstress Carole King. Twelve of King's greatest works recorded from 1971 to 1976, the album is a sterling introduction to the discography of one of the definitive female singer-songwriters of the 1970s. Billboard smashes like "It's Too Late", "Jazzman", and "Nightingale" are just a small sample of the soft rock staples to be found within, which feature contributions from the likes of Tom Scott, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Curtis Amy, and others. 


A1. Jazzman
A2. So Far Away
A3. Sweet Seasons
A4. Brother, Brother
A5. Only Love Is Real
A6. I Feel The Earth Move

B1. It's Too Late
B2. Nightingale B3. Been To Canaan B4. Smackwater Jack B5. Corazon B6. Believe In Humanity

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