Max Von Sydow

Insecto / Cardboard Pope

Image of Max Von Sydow - Insecto / Cardboard Pope
Record Label
Hoga Nord

About this item

Max Von Sydow AKA Jocke Åhlund (Teddybears STHLM, Les Big Byrd, Caesars.) drops some new material via 7” on Höga Nord Rekords. The music of Max Von Sydow is unruly and yet thoughtful in its approach, incorporating a wide range of musical traditions: psychedelic music from seven continents shares sound and arrangement in the two tracks "Cardbore Pope" and "Insecto". The instrumentation on the A-side is unclear in the most positive sense. The melodies soar higher and higher over acid drenched guitars and drums and takes new shapes as the instrument playing them varies, creating a sky for the listener to soar through. The thin and aggressive "Insecto" sounds as jerky and unpredictable as the title implies.


Cardboard Pope

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