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"Greenlight" by DJ Manny is the fifth release from Teklife Records. A masterclass in footwork production by one of Teklife’s leading figures. Born and raised in Harvey on the south-side of Chicago, DJ Manny has been footworking since the age of ten. The footwork sound has developed in unison with the dance style that accompanies it, and Manny embodies this synergy. DJ Manny is without doubt one of the best dancers on the scene, harnessing control, grace and power in every movement. So when he steps into the studio ,he knows instinctively how to create tracks that make you want to move your feet. Instead of relying on chopped up samples, DJ Manny is more inclined to pick up the microphone himself, and this gives "Greenlight" an original and individual personality. On the opening track titled "Way you Move", his flow is soulful and almost verging on melodic. His laid back drawl sounds equally great on club bangers like "Life in This Bitch" and "If U Want It". As a young man, DJ Manny was the protégé of the late great DJ Rashad, and Rashad’s influence reverberates through classic - sounding footwork tracks like "Boop Me Down" and "I’ll Hurt Ya Baby". Elsewhere on "Greenlight", DJ Manny explores different moods to great effect. "Ghost Out" is atmospheric and menacing, with a sparse, minimal rhythm and fearsome lowend pulsing through siren synths. "Life In This Bitch" is a defiant statement of self-affirmation, and "Zancrash" feat. DJ Taye is uplifting and dreamy, with complex rhythmic patterns evocative of vintage jungle records. DJ Taye makes a significant contribution to this record, collaborating with DJ Manny on five productions including the title track. "Greenlight" also features guest appearances from DJ Lucky, Gant-Man and Sucia.


A1:Way You Move Featuring Dj Chap 
A2:You Looking Good Featuring Sucia
A3:Like That
A4:Zancrash Featuring Dj Taye
A5:Boop Me Down Featuring Dj Lucky

B1:Ghost Out
B2:I’ll Hurt Ya Baby Featuring Dj Lucky And Dj Taye
B3:Life In This Bitch Featuring Dj Taye
B4:If U Want It Featuring Dj Taye
B5:Greenlight (Wanna Go) Featuring Dj Taye 

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