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Kings Of Caerleon

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Lonestar Records

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The Welsh Rap institution Goldie Lookin Chain (or just GLC) is back & finally releasing “Kings of Caerleon” on vinyl, an album full of hits! After a tour with The Darkness (who are obviously huge GLC fans) the band is ready to hit it with their own brew of old-skool (90s) hip-hop. Featuring just the finest soul samples and humour flavoured lyrics about 30+ guys living still at their parents place (“Livin at home”), gangster-wannabees (“Gangsta”), Fast-Food-addicts (“at the drive-thru”) or the final hymn to Notorious B.I.G. (“What would Biggie do?”).

The band is always good for a story. So who could forget their appearance at the football game Wales vs. England when they played “Your Missus is a Nutter” and dedicated it to David Beckham The record is limited to only 300 copies. So what you’re waiting for? About the band: GLC is a welsh rap-group from Newport. The group produces humorous, controversial and often explicit songs that satirise hip hop, today's consumer society, the "chav" culture and life in Suburbia. The group recorded 6 albums before gaining a major record deal and were signed to the East/West record label, the home of rock band The Darkness.


1. It’s The Chain
3. Gangsta 
4. At The Drive-Thru 
5. You Don’t Know 
6. Baneswell Express
7. Newport Bouncers 
8. Because I’m 
9. Livin At Home
10. Workaholic
11. Takin’ Out The Bins
12. Just Coz It Rhymes
13. What Would Biggie Do? 

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