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La Confusion

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Because Music

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Over a broad spectrum of sounds, styles, and tempos Amadou & Mariam continue to be a relevant and substantial force. “La Confusion”, at first listen, promises to be as iconic and memorable as some of the duo's best hits. Bagayoko and Doumbia weave through afro-rock and various mutations of African and global soul music with ease; keeping a crisp and up-to-date production aesthetic bursting with instrumentation throughout. The choruses, hooks and grooves are more than infectious, they're pandemic! Seriously, with such a plethora of music riches on offer here, there's not only something for everything, but an album that holds your attention right the way till the end, sequenced beautifully and playing with dynamics with an incredible prowess. They've done it again! 


1. Bofou Safou
2. C’est Chaud
3. Filaou Bessame
4. Ta Promesse
5. La Confusion
6. Femmes Du Monde
7. Fari Mandila
8. Diarra
9. Mokou Mkou
10. Yiki Yassa
11. Massa Allah
12. Mokou Mokou Blues 

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