If You're In Need / Spoiled Like A Baby

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Expansion Records

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Mystique were a Chicago group formed by Ralph Johnson, former leader with The Impressions after Curtis Mayfield and LeRoy Hutson. In 1977 they released a self-titled album at Curtom records and five singles, none of which were this show stopping version of “If You’re In Need”, a Grey & Hanks composition performed and produced everywhere as near good as the better known version by Lenny Williams. In the year 2000, the album was issued on CD with previously unissued bonus tracks including “Spoiled Like A Baby”, a song recorded in 1977 by American pop duo Addrisi Brothers, but this version by Mystique is far superior and highly in demand modern soul room dancer on vinyl, facilitated here by Expansion.


1. If You're In Need
2. Spoiled Like A Baby

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