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Fox & His Friends

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Fox & His Friends drop their second release on your unsuspecting asses, delivering some high-grade conceptual art pop from Zagreb's underground. Formed Dejan Krsic in 1982, NEP (Nova Evropa) played around with graphic design, music, photography, video and table tennis, exploring the transgressive possibilities within each discipline. Musically NEP focused on experiments in ambient and tape-music, mostly self-released or hard to find compilations like "The Cassette Played Poptones" (1988). Deeply immersed in pop-culture, politics and art theory Krsic's search for perfect pop music with cutting critical edge peaked in 1989, the year "Decadance" was conceived in the studio, though it was never released. Pumping 808 beats, with sampled vocals from Linda Cooper asking herself "How do I dance to this music?" were chosen by Fox & His Friends label owners Leri Ahel and Zeljko Luketic for a 12" opener of the unknown NEP's pop history. This single is a sneak-peak into the world of "POP NOT POP", the album and a graphic book merged into one multimedia entity, to be released later this year. All material is restored and mastered from original reel-to-reel tapes and presented on wax for the first time and for this occasion, deconstructed and reinvented in a remix B-side by Snuffo, masked hero of the Snuff Crew fame. Snuffo split the title vocal into a new cut-up, telling  audiences to "Dance to this music" - and dance you will!


Patrick says: How good is this! Long-lost, late-eighties art-pop from the former Yugoslavia, rediscovered and ready to r-r-r-rock any decent dancefloor! A good friend might call this dancing for mental health...


1 Decadance (Original 1989 Version)
2 Decadance (Snuffo's 2017 Reinvention)

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