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Vol 5

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Jongno Edits

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After a killer 12" from the mighty Mori Ra, Jongno Edits is back with two tunes, blurring the lines between editing and sampling. A-Side stroller "42 Below", is an uplifting Korean fusion boogie bomb alive with slap bass, tropical synths, summery guitar and female vocals. Monsieur Jongno switches into mack mode, amping up the bassline and guitar with added muscle, applying subtle dub FX and teasing the vocal and synthline before unleashing the chorus and guitar solos. Sounding like a lost Lincoln Olivetti production, this one dates from the time Seoul went Rio.
On the flip side, "Drums and a Bass" is an obscure LP cut from a Korean Percussion Ensemble with Traditional Korean folk elements, tribal drums and chanting, spikey avant garde guitar plucks, all supporting the rolling punk funk bassline that brings on Jazz style vocals and horns. A little Liquid Liquid, kinda Can, a whiff of Pig Bag, all with added Korean craziness. Expertly extended and re-arranged by the Jongno main man with an emphasis on the psychedelic side of the dancefloor.


A1. 42 Below
B1. Drums And A Bass

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