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Secret Squirrel

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Those righteous rodent residents take a break from their hasty hibernation preparations with another winner for all the disco nuts. Scampering through the crate marked unclassics, our herbivorous homeboys hurl out a howitzer on the A-side, taking those tungstonian teeth to the killer cosmic groove of Queen Samantha's "Take A Chance". The TK tonker is updated, upgraded, extended and upended here, offering space age sound for the bright eyes and bushy tails. Percussive sizzle and sequential wiggle all over your ass! Meanwhile on the flip, we're in proper wonky warehouse territories, cutting some serious rug-age to rugged 707 percussion, acid gurgle and interdimensional boogie grroves as the Squirrels lay Eddie Kendrick's impeccable "Keep On Truckin'" acapella over a mega proto-groove. Time to go wild in the country folks!


Patrick says: Those dancefloor dynamos at Secret Squirrels are back, bringing more furry firepower for your autumn outings. First up we're in Italo heaven with a righteous rub of Queen Samantha's "Take A Chance", while the B brings a wonky bit of warehouse acid as Eddie Kendricks empties the punch-bowl!


A1. SS#16 A
B1. SS#16 B

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