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Whenever AFRO7 expand their operations to the 12" format you know you need to pay attention, and this baby is no exception. The label continue their feverish trawl through the most obscure African gems, cherry picking a quartet of musical magic from two rare Kenyan 45s and one private press LP. The work of wild Afro-funk outfit Them Mushrooms, these four cuts do their thang somewhere between exotic synth funk, hypnotic afrobeat and bass heavy proto house. First up "Akumu Nyar Kisumu" leads us swaying to its lopsided beat, chanting along to its call and response vocal and throwing shapes to its slick pitch bent synth licks. Next up "Uru Warniel" brings a little drum box thump to the party, adding a club ready 4/4 to big boogie bass and classy, glassy melodies. Boasting similarities to Kwaito and that killer Focus reissue on Crown Ruler, this is the one you'll hear the DJs hammer. Over on the B1, "Ndogo Ndogo" takes a more traditional Afro-funk tack, swapping the futuristic synth sounds for emotive organ, slick guitar licks and plangeant horns all topped with some passionate vocals. Finally, "Msondo Ngoma" sees us home with sunblushed synth riffs, naive melodies and the kind of warming groove that floods the brain with serotonin and puts a massive smile on your face. Presented in a super deluxe cardboard jacket made in Thailand with silk screened coastal-inspired artwork made by California resident Steve Roden, this painfully limited 12" is the first time any of these tracks have been reissued.


Patrick says: Afro synth perfection here featuring the flawless proto-house heater "Uru Warniel". Oozing grooves all over the four tracks, this should be a perfect companion to your Crown Ruler Sound comp...


A1. Akumu Nyar Kisumu
A2. Uru Wamiel
B1. Ndogo Ndogo
B2. Msondo Ngoma

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