Eddie C / Balako

Barefoot Beats 06

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Barefoot Beats

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More Brazilian inspired, feel good vibes from the Barefoot Beats crew. Double A-side, 10" cut, featuring Eddie C and Balako. Canadian born, Berlin based Eddie C digs deep and drops a swinging Bahian tinged groove which is guaranteed to get you dancing on the tables and finger point dancing as the crazy low slung rhythms wash over you. On the flip, Rio based producers Balako capture the vibe of those hedonistic carnival nights in their city when the night air is bursting and burning with excitement and anticipation. Electronic drum machines hammer out some intricate rhythms while analogue fx swirl and bleep through the heady mix, like if Magic Mountain High were transported deep into the rainforest and attempted to make the soundtrack to Terrence McKenna's "True Hallucinations". Excellent!


A. Eddie C -Dub De Frente
B. Balako - Coisas Dos Home

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