Edit & Dub

Dancin' To Disco Dubs

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Japan's Edit & Dub take us back to the Paradise Garage with more unreleased boogie and classic disco mixes primed to make your next party explode! The set kicks off with a driving dub mix of Grey & Hanks 1978 jam 'Dancin', slathering the airwaves with thick guitar licks, luxurious bass and some tasty brass action. Next up, Jazz funk gee Bernard Wright steps up with the frisky, fusion tinged floor wrecker 'Master Rocker', a shoulder rolling funk number with an a-grade vibe. Over on the flip and we're dubbin it up with Melba Moore, copping a load of the upfront bass, rhythmic guitar chops and storming synth licks of 'Let's Stand Together', before a dramatic, cinematic and spaced out synth disco cut from Giorgio Moroder closes the set. Classic disco grooves, perfectly placed percussion and all those revolutionary synth parts Giorgio made his trademark. Unavailable elsewhere, you can only get these killer mixes on this limited platter, so DON'T SLEEP!


1. Grey & Hanks - Dancin Disco Dub
2. Bernard Wright - Master Rocker
Side 2
1. Melba Moore - Let's Dub Together
2. Giorgio Moroder - Vally Of The Dolls

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