Cool Ranch Vol. 3

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Cool Ranch

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The third vinyl from the boutique disco-house label, Cool Raunch features two more jacking hybrids with a '90s Chicago feel thrown in for good measure! "Bi-Coastal" epitomizes the excitement and feel-good jubilation that every good house night should experience around the turn of midnight. The 'floor's filling up with friendly faces, the drugs are working well and the DJ's on top form - oooh I've got tingles just thinking about it! "And You Know It!" cements the vibe, taking us through into the peak time with a bass-driven, space disco driver, embellished beautifully with galactic synth lines and darting F-Zero X arpeggios. Nautiluss delivers a bleep / rave-inspired remix, taking the track into the deepest darkest industrial area for a full on warehouse romp. Chicago's Paul Johnson brings a smoother remix of "Bi-Coastal" with an uplifting, end-of-night sunrise vibe, uniting the floor in its celebratory glory and infectious, disco-inspired grooves. Top stuff!


1. Bi-Coastal
2. And You Know It!

1. And You Know It! (Nautiluss Remix)
2. Bi-Coastal (Paul Johnson Remix)

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