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Palta Con Crema - Inc. Eddie C Remix

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Rocco & Esquival are next to join Cosmica's roster. The duo comprises of Rodrigo Desentis (México) and Eduardo Esquivel (Uruguay). Esquivel is a well know name in the Latin American electronic music scene, since he started his residency at the mythical club Extasis in Montevideo. After 25 years of extensively touring through Uruguay, Brasil and Argentina, Eduardo has settled in México city with residencies in the acclaimed Blanco Colima and Casa Disco. "Palta Con Crema" ('avocado cream'!!!) is a buoyant, holiday-friendly house jam. It's elastic b-line is first to raise its head, set amongst an electric, proto-house drum palette. Tropical flurries of wobbly marimba and coastal bleeps complete the package, a no nonsense slice of hedonism for the party islands to enjoy. Dubmasters are first on hand with a tasty dub, turning on the echo units and making the whole thing more languid, tripped out and most, importantly, 'very Balearic', tipping it's hat to some of the Idjut Boys finest re-rubs as it does so. Canadian slo-mo maestro, Eddie C contributes the second remix which, I have to say, is totally twisting my melon! Taking the iconic b-line off Chantell Curtis' "Give It All My Love" then mixing it with elements of "Palta Con Creme"! The two tracks gel so well together you'd be forgiven to thinking that one was a cover of another, but no, it's just good ol' Eddie spotting a killer mash-up opportunity and pulling it off with aplomb - get in! 


Rocco & Esquivel - Palta Con Crema (Dubmasters Electro Dub) 
Rocco & Esquivel - Palta Con Crema 
Rocco & Esquivel - Palta Con Crema (Eddie C Remix)

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