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Lesser Mysteries

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Brokntoys' "Lesser Mysteries" EP brings together five up and coming acts to the prestigious electro label. Ben Cohen opens the EP with the atmospheric, hazy sci-fi sheen of "Entrance", rich in midnight textures and dazzling city lights. Monotoxine's demented blaster, "Positive Thinking!" is up next, completing side A. On the flip Tharsis Shelter Unit’s "Start Transmission" utilizes big wobbly B-line and resonating discordance to conjure up a fireball of deep electro. Statowerx deploys some classic robotic electro with "Zero Hour Dispatch", reminiscent of Motor City darkness and it's pure, honest retro-futurism. Finally, recent Ken Oath machine head, Furios Frank sends up some swirling, gently powered dream house from the depths down under via the final track "Night Rider". It's another essential Brokyntoys entry! 


A1. Ben Cohen - Entrance
A2. Montoxine - Positive Thinking!
B1. Tharsis Shelter Unit - Start Transmission
B2. Stratowerx - Zero Hour Dispatch
B3. Furious Frank - Night Rider

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