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2500 Vol 2 - Inc. Wolf Muller Remix

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Emperor Machine, everyone's favourite synth-fetishist returns to Intersnasjonal with the second half of his retro futurist masterpiece '2500'. Continuing the floor-filling, wall shaking, bleep blasting form of Part One, Mr Meecham goes for the jugular from the get go, laying the wall-flowers to waste with the A-grade audio Weedol of 'UMO'. An insistent bass pulse and clattering industrial drum pattern bore a massive hole in your cerebellum, creating the space for the wriggling acid line and needle-point tone offense to turn you into a shoulder rolling rave gremlin. Things take a turn for the cosmic on A2 cut 'Back To Bali', as Andy soars through the night sky on a wave of kosmische sequences, proggy guitar and hypnotic percussion. Speaking of cosmic, Dusseldorf Power Ranger Wolf Muller makes an appearance on the B1, sticking his sonic screwdriver into the heart of 'Africa' and turning out a thoroughly wonky breakdance scrambler packed to the brim with mechanical funk and fire ant garble - top stuff. Emperor Machine returns to close the set out with his own twist on 'Africa', a B2 V2 complete with bubbling synth bass, errant laser fire and More Cowbell! Twisted disco for the medicated masses!


A2. Back To Bali
B1. Africa (Wolf Muller Remix)
B2. Africa V2

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