Anthology: Here Lies Pollyn (2003-2016)

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Here Lies Pollyn, a band which never got the dues they deserved, a band whose influence stretched around the world, a band who can count Hot Chip as fans, but also a band who concentrated on the music instead of arbitrary processes like promotion. This has left them with three critically-acclaimed albums, a little black book full of their own musical heroes as fans and one final brand new single: ‘Findaway Ft. Alexis Taylor’. The anthology, that most bands would be proud to produce, is now presented as a digital download or an impressive three vinyl package as Here Lies Pollyn 2003-2016.

Pollyn are nouveau vintage electronica and have been celebrated as one of LA's most hi-fashion electronic acts. Genevieve Artadi’s porcelain vocal, Anthony Cava's quirky guitars and Adam Jay Weissman’s beat¬maker production make for a potent and unforgettable musical cocktail. Releasing their first EP in 2003, Pollyn originally sampled from old records to bed their iconic vocal with dark analogue synths, dusty beats built with old hip hop drum machines, an ancient Pro Tools set up and trippy vocal fx.

Adam Jay Weissman says of the Anthology: ‘We spent a lot of time working on Pollyn and not as much time promoting it, so a lot of our music has been overlooked. Self-releasing our own music made it tough to have the reach we wanted. After 10+ years of releases, we wanted something that collects all of our favorite songs into one cohesive package, telling the complete story of Pollyn. It’s like a time capsule on vinyl. We dug through our albums, the singles and unreleased stuff to put together what we consider to be the quintessential retrospective of our music. For the digital release, we added a collection of remixes, many of which were never released or aren’t available on streaming sites. There are so many good ones, that we’re exciting to have them finally seeing the light of day! The artwork was done by underground comic book hero Lawerence “Raw Dog” Hubbard of Real Deal Comix fame.’


Disc 1 (2003 - 2008) Rose Colour LP
1) Gave It Up
2) Shake It Off
3) There’s Only One Way Out
4) This Little Night

5) Dark Thoughtz
6) If I Chose You
7) The Long Way
8) Other Side (Live Version)

Disc 2 (2010 - 2011) White Colour LP
1) How Small We Are
2) Sometimes You Just Know
3) Outta Luck
4) Lost In The Night
5) Cold Sweat (featuring Roc Marciano)

6) Ay Ya Ya Ya (Forever In My Hands)
7) Hot Air
8) Our Home Became A House
9) Look For Light

Disc 3 (2012 - 2016) Blue Colour LP
1) Don’t You Want My Love
2) Too Late To Change The Past
3) Dark Tokyo
4) Distress Signals
5) Slurp

6) Liars Cheaters
7) Broken Record
8) More Wanting
9) Start The Fire
10) Findaway (featuring Alexis Taylor)

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