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Balearic Social

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Walking past pagodas and rice fields we join Mori Ra for "Tasogare", which is a poetic way of saying 'Dusk', and also the second part of this superb double 12" release from the Japanese master on Leeds' impressive Balearic Social. While "Akebono" embraced the power cosmic for a trio of astrally inclined excursions, "Tasogare" gets stuck into a breezy bit of Japanese fusion with "Simpacia". Employing a bubbling boogie bassline, dreamy city pop vocals and joyous jazzy chord progressions, this 80s obscurity is transformed into the smoothest poolside cocktail you'll taste all year. Time to roll up those pastel sleeves, slick back your hair and join the beautiful people in a snake-hipped celebration of synth marimba solos! From there we move on and groove on to the bass-led shoulder roll of "Kabul", a transglobal chugger which scores top marks for style, substance and sass. Plucked from an 80s prog rock oddity, this left-field body shaker boasts thick bass, mechanical percussion, esoteric violin and the mother of all psyched up guitar shreds. Put it on the turntable and watch the machine elves wander into the sweet spot. This perception shifting journey into the furthest corners of Mori's labyrinthine mind comes to a close with "Chuva", an irresistible exercise in percussive dance floor jazz. Rhythms click, pop, patter and pound on an extended intro which waits for the perfect moment to break into a perfect marriage of sidewinding bass and elegant piano. Musical, melodic and made for movement, this spiritual slice of jazz dance should delight fans of Gilles, Four Tet and Floating Points as well as anyone with ears. Music to elevate your mind, body and soul!


Patrick says: I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mori Ra is the muhfucking man! "Tasogare" takes us from the observation deck to the dance hall with a trio of jazzy, fusion dancers revived and restored from the pit of obscurity. Peerless stuff!


A1. Simpacia
A2. Kabul
AA1. Chuva

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