Fruit In Failure EP

Image of Ashtrejinkins - Fruit In Failure EP
Record Label
Apron Records

About this item

AshTreJinkins is a Compton based producer and DJ. Known for his involvement with the Low End Theory community for years, he's now pushing a new, more electronic focus which sits wonderfully amongst fellow noise makers on the Apron imprint. Moving between skewed, hazy dreamscapes ("What Voice") into heavily manipulated wonky-hop on "Paradise Quotes". "Skitz" sees the producer deploy dusted, 4-bit drums to snaking arpeggios and phazed pad riffs. "But I Got You..." sounds like it could have been culled from the depths of the Sound Signature library, a melancholic Rhodes riding a thoroughly disjointed beat as acid niggles twist and grind in the background. Finally, "Alternative Facts" concludes with more electro-static ambience as ATJ puts the EP to rest. Top stuff indeed.


A1. What Voice
A2. Paradise Quotes
B1. Skitz
B2. But I Got You This Haunted House Baby
B3. Alternative Facts

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