Meridian Brothers

Donde Estas Maria

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Boundary-pushing Colombian group The Meridian Brothers return to Soundway with another unique album of dreamy psych-folk, blending traditional Latin rock with tropicalia, and lush string and choral arrangements.
Led by composer Eblis Alvarez, a pioneer of the alternative music scene in Bogot , the band continuously explores and experiments with alternative ways of playing instruments and electronic media. Drawing from traditional Latin rock (including Colombian, Argentinian and Mexican) as well as Brazilian tropicalia, for this new album Alvarez incorporates string instruments - in particular the cello, both bowed and plucked - a timbre rarely used in his previous works. Lead track and first single “ Donde Estas Maria?” is a proclamation of love for an enigmatic and spiritual poetess - and a taste of the dreamy psych-folk journey on which the album embarks. Mellow vocals and delicate cello riffs put a light spring in the step, while fuzzy bass and the gentle thump of the percussion and bells drive the song at an excitable pace.

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