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COVER STORY: DAVE GROHL From Scream and Nirvana to Foo Fighters’ global hegemony, Dave Grohl has never lost his fire and fandom, but you’ll be surprised by some of the songs that have sustained him…

PLUS! The Reading Festival in 1992 was NIRVANA‘s UK swan song. Mud, tampons and an Abba tribute band co-starred. Matt Allen sifts the fact from flim-flam.

FREE CD: TEEN SPIRIT 15 tracks of inflammable underground rock and sub-pop, 1989-1992. Stars Afghan Whigs, Pavement, Mudhoney, The Jesus Lizard and more.

DAVID GILMOUR On the road, or rather, via, with the Pink Floyd Fender-bender, as we go deep into his fateful return to play Pompeii, 45 years on. Veni, vidi, vici?

CAT STEVENS He came back from the dead twice. Once to rule in the heyday of the singer-songwriter, once to reject stardom for Allah. Now he wants his old name back.

SPARKS The sibling sorcerers of deadpan panstick rock and pop return with the familiar parade of eccentricities. “The mission is unspoken but clear,” they insist.

ELVIS: THE LAST MYSTERY Without You was the record Sam Phillips asked Elvis to emulate at his key audition, but who was its anonymous singer? Maybe now, finally, he can be named…

JIMMY WEBB Fast cars, song-suites, PCP: the tunesmith’s tunesmith never did anything by halves, as his new memoir reveals. “It was a world of opulence,” he tells MOJO.

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