Octal Step

Toner Head

Image of Octal Step - Toner Head
Record Label
First Cut

About this item

Matt Flanagan, previously known as DeFeKT, ESS and Tinfoil aliases, returns on new label First Cut with some fine tuned hardware abuse. Originally taken from a 30 minute machine jam, the three tracks you see here have been culled from said jam and make up the first release on the label. Perfectly fitting alongside present day tweakers Northern Powerhouse and Cerberus Future Technologies, these mutant transmissions growl, snarl and snap at the listener through biting sawtooths, nagging acid lines and abrasive drum machine sharps. Made in Dublin and with only 100 copies available worldwide, this is exactly the type of maverick dance shit we got nuts for here at Piccadilly. Top stuff - one of two to drop this week!


A1. Step To Disenchantment
A2. I'll Be Your Virtual Technician
B. Muscle Memory

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