Stratofortress - Inc. Samo DJ / Rrose / Gonno Remixes

Image of Yourhighness - Stratofortress - Inc. Samo DJ / Rrose / Gonno RemixesImage of Yourhighness - Stratofortress - Inc. Samo DJ / Rrose / Gonno Remixes
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Record Label
Cocktail D'Amore

About this item

After his appearance on Born Free Records, Rollerboys Recordings, and Rett I Fletta, Johannes Wilkstrom aka Yourhighness contributes to the lavish Cocktail d'Amore with "Stratofortress". The Berlin based imprint gathers techno guru Rrose, Born Free Records owner Samo DJ and international Jap-wave rep Gonno in on remix duties, for four very different interpretations on one theme. Yourhighness' original mix is an acid based, jugular hitting technoid romp. It's dark sinister quirkiness reminiscent of tops off moments at all the best sweat boxes from Bugged Out to Subclub. On the same side Samo DJ transforms the techno blaster into a slower, new beat flavoured chugger; strung out AF and riding a slack breakbeat groove. Rrose's remix on side B is a different kettle of fish. "Stratofortress" suddenly turns into a dubby, everlasting build up, that eventually implodes into the depth of a black hole. Dramatic techno for encapsulated audiences. Closing the EP Gonno offers a slow-mo rework. Deep and very cinematic, this remix will please every wormhole navigator. Really strong stuff as ever from Samo DJ's team. Highly recommended.


Matt says: Totally wigged-out; everyone involved here contributing something unique and arresting. Rrose and Samo DJ's take do it for me, but there's two more just as biting cuts for freaks of an alternative disposition.


A1. Stratofortress
A2. Stratofortress (Samo DJ Remix)
B1. Stratofortress (Rrose Remix)
B2. Stratofortress (Gonno Remix)

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