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Center Of The Universe open the set with "Feta Vision", an unhinged fusion of Middle Eastern chug, analogue electronics and stripped back interludes before Spongemagnet take us for a space walk with the detuned melodies and metronomic pulse of "Cyborn". Up next, Puma & The Dolphin delve into the arty grooves of the NDW misfits, pairing live bass with snapping synth drums, dubby sequences and spangled vocal samples. Keeping the tempo to a minimum, Ekstern take us for a night drive before Gordon Pohl drops a lysergic blend of Bufiman's "Raising", a weird-dancer if ever I heard one. As we head towards the midpoint Fred Und Luna get their minimal wave on with the Hangin' Out In Space stylings of "AV", Débruit enjoys a little sci fi funk and T-Woc stomps through some serious Industrial slo-mo. Samplers at the ready Der Kundalini update the fractured synth dance of 23 Skidoo, before Detlef cartwheels through acid squelch, tin pan percussion and seriously wonky grooves on "Second Trip". We head to the conclusion with the spangled, sparkling synths, coldwave arrangement and off kliter vocals of "Ha Ha Ha" by Nice Touch and the totally disorienting bleepbeat of Claude De Tapol's "C'est L'attaque". This is the new shit y'all!


Patrick says: Soon to make waves on the Talking Drums dance floor, this double pack of backwards dancers, weirdo wavers and eye-ball licking winners keeps it slow, low and sleazy. Essential listening!


Feta Version - Center Of The Universe
Cyborn (Velvet C Tape) - Spongemagnet
Fosils - Puma & The Dolphin
Highway 19 - Ekstern
Raising ((Gordon Pohl Mix)) - Bufiman
AV (June 23, 1938 – July 16, 2016) - Fred Und Luna
-5°C - Débruit
Sunrays - T-woc
And We Begin - Der Kundalini
Second Trip ((Serial Experiments Edit)) - Tolouse Low Trax
Ha Ha Ha - Nice Touch
C'est L'attaque - Claude De Tapol

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