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The second record from Kilchhofer on Piccadilly favourite Marionette. It was the Kilchhofer / Hain split earlier in the year that really grabbed our attention of this label so it's exciting to see what Benjamin conjures up on his own. An expedition into modular synthesis and physical modelling, where patches become complex instruments, and the instruments become music. Enveloped in a film of spring reverb and tube distortion, the tracks here seem propelled with more forward momentum than the "Acosta" release, with tribal percussions blended effortlessly with the fusion of mind bending electronix and organic, spiritual atmospheres. It posses the same push-pull tension of his previous release but drives the message home with some really weighty bass frequencies. It's another excellent release for the label that drops alongside Maxim Wolzyn's "Affirm, Deny, Reconcile" this week. You need them both!  


Matt says: Holy smokes its the second release by Kilchhofer on Marionette and again, it stops you dead in your tracks. Totally arresting and existing in its own unique sound space. Essential.


A1. Lefu
A2. Laar
A3. Amba
A4. Chanka
B1. Bittern
B2. Tau
B3. Klamm 

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