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Nature Of The Beast

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Possibly the longest running and most impactful of Detroit's techno labels, Metroplex continues to showcase imperative developments in this most futuristic of genres as it charges past its thirty year incarnation. Not resting on its laurels in the slightest, Juan continues to search out the most underground sounds from the electronic underbelly, and still pushes plenty of new releases through this monolithic dance label.

However, with a nod to past achievements, there's been a string of reissues of late - "Nature Of The Beast", by Mike Grant and Damon Peterson (operating under the Black Noise alias...) is the latest nugget to be excavated from this gold-lined quarry. Pitch black dread occupies both mixes, with cues from Moritz and Ernestus it charges through shuddering low-mids and unrelenting drum patterns like a bullet train through an everlasting blackened tunnel. Mike Grant's version spits and gurgles and is a bit of more wild in contrast to the Black Noise Mix which growls and rumbles, growing steadily to an almighty roar.

An essential listen! #Detroittechno
#electronicmusic #Metroplex


1. Nature Of The Beast (Black Noise Mix)
2. Nature Of The Beast (Mike Grant Mix) 

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