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Walter TV are Mac DeMarco’s touring band, this is their third Album. “Appetite is frenetic and weird, a psychedelic garage pop opus for the glue-sniffing generation.” Big Takeover // “Walter TV are giddy and strange. They may lean towards surf, with a little dose of math rock, but the fact is they are musically unpredictable. Delightfully so. It’s their charm.” Ride The Tempo // “Ten tight tracks of refined wackiness, Blessed is woozy but sharp, the kind of record you’d want to come out of either a Montreal club or a British Columbia beach house.” A.V. Club // What is there to be said that hasn't already been said about the old Walter TV band?

Our main men in the group (Joe McMurray, Simon Ankenman, Pierce McGarry) are either aged 30 or close to. They do their best to make music that is meaningful, interesting, and…danceable? Emotionally razed these bad boys are pumping out of the ashes, instruments in hand. With their new release, Carpe Diem, Walter TV has taken their version of lo-fi recording to a near professional level (or at least attempted to).

The album deals with all the classic tropes that no person can seem to escape or avoid (except the enlightened few) including, suffering, loss, death, love, chaos, inevitability, declining conditions of earth, self inflicted spiritual pain, heart attacks, forfeiture of morals, yearning, attempts at doing the right thing, karma (police), moments of clarity, depression, introversion/extroversion, the singularity, technological advancements, neglect, insults of opulence, lack of co mmunity and looking out for your fellow people, being paranoid…you get the point! 


01. Begotten
02. Graceland
03. Springtime
04. Laura Palmer
05. Last Day
06. Alaska Cruisin
07. No Other Way
08. Cattle
09. U + Y
10. LA JAM

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