Move D

Silk & Shmoove EP

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Compost Black Label

About this item

Move D's legendary status should be familiar to anyone with a penchant for modern dance music. The German producer, now 51, is spoken about with such reverence and adoration you'd be forgiven to thinking he was a house music messiah. Through work on his own Source Records, impeccable releases on Running Back, Smallville, Philpot, Workshop, Modern Love and many more combined with some of the most expansive, all encompassing DJ sets to have graced a club or festival stage in recent year, Move D's stock is as strong as BitCoin at the moment! This four tracker for esteemed Compost takes in all that is good about Move D - fun loving yet intricate, hi-fidelity yet imperfect and humane. "Your Rolling Hills" begins the party with a chopped and looped disco-house sample, gloriously extended and tweaked and manipulated as David playfully handles the dials. "Like I Was King (Black Label Mix)" is undeniably techy but greeted with a lavish warmth via delicate organ notes and a hushed vocal delivery. "Horsin' Around" is a thick, wobbly, stripped back acidic number; perfect for dark backrooms with a big system. Finally, "Silk Dub" sees a corrosive palette almost deconstructs itself back into the ether, while a fragile rhythm section gently ushers us forward. Classy, sophisticated deep house perfection from a modern hero of the scene. 


David says: All about 'Your Rolling Hills' for me on this one, house music like it should be, heads down, hands up, eyes closed...

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