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Spectral Nomad

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Holy shit balls Batman! Robert Hood revisiting his old school vibe here for Juan's Metroplex Four tracks that have more in common with his iconic "Minimal Nation" LP than any of the new Floorplan stuff. It's all gravy though as Rob Hood can do no wrong in our eyes!

"Spectral Nomad" pairs a shuffled and disjointed rhythm with warehouse squelches and bleeps for a chaotic but channeled approach to techno's four-four stomp. "Explain The Style" sees grating perc ratchet against ascending and descending arps for a sinister 5AM burner that utilizes an evil and penetrating vocal refrain to devastating effect. "Detroit One Circle" uses the same vox and expands the track into a more wide-screen, encompassing sound. Finally, "Modern And Ancient" switches groove for a more concentric, broken riddim that'll slip right into a Surgeon or DJ Bone DJ set as it deploys non harmonic gurgles and rumbles to proceedings for a very tekno affair. Top stuff from the master! 

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