Dog Patrol


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Schwarz 12 Records

About this item

Germany's Alex Seidel brings some heat for Schwarz 12 Records. The whole EP possess that playful, skewed, after party vibe that you only really get after spending more than 24 hours awake dancing to repetitive music. Perfectly at home in Berlin's non-stop hedonism, all five tracks exude a frazzled, lucid flow which wander in direction and eschews the more traditional structures of house and techno for a more free-form, non-linear exploration. The sounds and beats are fractured and fizzy, instantly piquing the interest of the intoxicated listener. If you're one of those DJs who gets up at 3AM to get ready for a gig, then this is the record for you. 


A1. Can It Be All So Simple
A1. Come Clean
B1. Yaga
B2. Most Hated 4 No Reason
B3. There Are Still These Fucked Up Dream

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