Ross From Friends

The Outsider EP

About this item

Double pack from (don't call it) Lo-fi house poster boy Ross From Friends on Lone's Magicwire recordings. We've seen the lo-fi house scene crumble under its own ideology (and some terribly written Guardian articles) and re-surface as a re-imagined, stronger version of its former self. Less constrained by those idents and frequency limits, the new school of computer-savvy producers are looking to the world through an 'anything-goes' lens - whether they rip a vocal accapela from youtube, whether they use digital compression artefacts as drums, ghosted vocal bit-rate conversions - you name it, it if it makes a sound, it can form part of the template. It's what's made the vapourwave aesthetic so pleasing in 2017 and for me, this is all just a post-vapourwave fallout if you will - what happens to genre confines when every man and his dog has internet access and cheap software. Anyway, onto the music and first track "Crimson" sounds like Burial does lo-fi house! RFF skillfully draws vocal parts out through a similar reverb preset as was featured on "Untrue" and segues with scuffed, battered drums and wobbly synth elements. "D1RT B0X" is a post-modern slow jam for kids who vape noxious nu-chems. There are more tracks, including the delightfully hi-fi vibrations of shimmering house banger "Romeo, Romeo" (interestingly given the whole of side B to revel in its detail). The second disc sees no drop in quality - three more tracks that veer carelessly through house music's many faces - all scuffed and dusted by RFF meticulous aesthetic. Mega stuff here from one of the new school's most prominent stars.

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