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Mother's Son - Vol. 2

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Songs Records

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Another one from the Lung camp, this time it's the resplendent 'Mothers Son' also known as 'Vol. 2'. Things get a little bit more upbeat than on the haunting and beautiful 'Faeher's Son', starting with the first single from the album, 'Dance 4 Sorrow' A steady percussion backdrop and funked-out guitars being shortly joined with glitzy lounge keys and flickering guitar stabs before going full mellow disco with a meticulously mixed two-part guitar counterpoint. Snappy reverbs and McLung's instantly recognisable vocal prowess fitting in perfectly with the shimmering instumentation. 

'A Selfish Man' begins in a smilar manner with a withdrawn guitar part setting up beautifully for the silken plate-reverbed single-note guitar riffs dancing around the swung percussion and pulsing bass. It's the counterpoint of the vocals and guitars here, following a similar trajectory that really form the backbone of the piece, lending a minimalistic but noticeably melodic sheen. 

Opening up the flipside is the heartbreakingly reflective 'No Telling' much akin to the slowcore lullabies of Low. Tender, perfectly balaced piano tinkling and subtle horns, topped with achingly emotive vocal musings. 'Something Black' takes things up a little more, with clicking percussion and twinkling guitars swirling around a rolling bassline, fascinating chord progressions and a perfect balance of simmering sadness and shining optimism. 'So Solemn' could admittedly be more solemn, but is glorious nonetheless, with a staggered drum machine backline and shimmering electric keys, it is a fitting end to yet another fascinating journey. 


Barry says: Yet another shimmering wonder, bright guitars, tender keys and truly mindblowing songwriting prowess. Pick them up whilst you can!

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