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Keys Of Life

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Freestyle-techno / lysergic house poster boy DJ Sotofett produced this cosmic ambient excursion together with two Finnish producers Kalifornia Keke and Stiletti Ana aka Jesse during his numerous Helsinki visits in 2016-17. Now we see these joyous fruits of their labour presented via Keys Of Life. Opening with the laser ray gun blasts of "Fearmix" the album steadily and deliberately takes hold. "Orga Fit" sees the more languid, radiant side of this infamous producer explored with undulating synth swells casually riding a picked-bass groove and live disco drums - there's nothing 'ambient' about this baby - just beach ball friendly goodness for all the family to enjoy! "Desert Mix" sees the Nordic space cadet play with ritualistic congas as cosmic drones and jet propelled artefacts converge on the mix; taking us firmly into spaced-out territory. The wonderfully named "Autiomaa I" & "II" hint at otherworldliness and do, indeed, see us land on some foreign and exotic plane, possibly part of our solar system but more likely based around the nearby Andromeda Galaxy as it dishes out a particularly potent blend of alien disco-funk smothered in infra-red rays and white static. "Kuume" invites the local inhabitants of said planet out for a dance in the plasma pools, Sotofett purveying an alien incarnation of boogie here which us mere Earthlings are yet to fully understand. Finally, "Puhallus" is the perfectly placed moment of reflection; taking stock of the vast multitudes of star clusters and space dust surrounding our immediate vicinity, Sotofett conjures up an ode to the outer galaxies which should see the album garner repeat plays as us humans eagerly seek out connection with the Other. Totally recommended.


Fear Mix (Fearmix)
Orga Fit
Desert Mix
Autiomaa I (Tribbal)
Autiomaa II (Tribbal Sound Mix)
Kuume (Last Gitar)
Puhallus (One Mo, Pad Conga Vocoder Mix) 

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