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MM 003

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Modern Manners

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The third outing for Modern Manners after two previously well received 12"s. "Timeless Vibe" continues where the last release left off, building up a wonderfully cosmic bed of processed melody under which casual hand played percussion and warm bass notes can linger. "Azzahar" too keeps things pleasantly soporific with its gentle pace and lilting guitar refrains, unfurling a rich sonic carpet of instrumentation and mood. "Middle East Manners" rounds this excellent trio of EPs out with a beautifully realized swirl of sounds that find focus once a kick drum starts pulsing and the percussion starts building. Quite who Modern Manners are is a mystery at this stage, but across these three 12"s they've certainly made their presence felt in the softest, most laid back of ways.


Matt says: Shelter from the cold with these three smouldering pieces of languid Balearica; a phonographic electric blanket for anyone feeling the chill.


A1. Timeless Vibe
A2. Azzahar
B1. Middle East Manners

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