Eva Geist

Blumareciano EP - Inc. San Proper Remix

Image of Eva Geist - Blumareciano EP - Inc. San Proper RemixImage of Eva Geist - Blumareciano EP - Inc. San Proper Remix
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Record Label
Fleeting Wax

About this item

On this killer 12" from the Fleeting Wax camp, we get a duo of percussive electronic workouts, nicely sandwiching the San Proper remix on the a-side. Blumareciano kicks things off with a staggered aquatic arpeggio, slowly morphing into the grounding for the insistent percussion and sidechained ambience, whilst the San Proper remix takes this percussion and puts it to work providing a reverbed backbone to the scattered vocal snippets and phased hi-hats, lending a much more driven air to the previously dreamlike iteration. 

'Begum' hinges on a much more palpable bassy backline, where Kreidler-esque trebly bass rolls meet headfirst withsyncopated snapping snare echoes and rainforest toms strobing through the stereo field. Killer hypnotic synthwork. 


Barry says: Percussive but relenting, this is a superbly balanced and impeccably produced slice of neo-gothic electronics and shadowy cosmic melodies. Brilliant.


A1. Blumareciano
A2. Blumareciano (San Proper Remix)
B1. Begum

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