A La Luna

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Emotional Rescue

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For their 50th release, Emotional Rescue return to the music of Woo, bringing a trilogy of reissues to a close with "A La Luna". Following "Whichever Way You Are Going" (1982) and "Into The Heart Of Love" (1990), their opus "A La Luna" (1991) was the last of the bands song based albums and represents a wonderful way to close this association. Reworked, re-ordered and remastered especially for this first time vinyl release, brothers Mark and Clive Ives again present their unique, ground-breaking and at the time, heart-wrenchingly overlooked music, that seems to fit the folk-new age-electronics of today as well, if not better, than when first released. Across 20 plus songs Mark's guitar, clarinet and vocals are as ever drenched in Clive's mixing desk mastery. Echo and reverb shimmer as the short pieces rise and fall like the wind blowing across nighttime trees. With no song going much beyond three minutes, "A La Luna" flows as one piece. The unmistaken sound of Woo wraps itself around you in an essence, warmth and glow that is addictive, meditative and uplifting. Featuring Mark's original vocal performance, love ode "Magic In The Dark" stands as a centerpiece where, as with all their albums, vocals appear at a minimum, as part of the musical journey.
The underlying somber nature of the album comes as the band ended more than a decade of recording with little critical or commercial success. The fact they did not release a full album again and moved towards a more meditation outlook was a loss, however, their recent rediscovery and the excellent releases by Drag City and Palto Flats included, has finally given the Ives brothers not just a place in appreciation, but has shown that there really is no one like Woo. Enjoy the magic.


Patrick says: Emotional Rescue bring their Woo trilogy to a close with a first ever vinyl issue of the gorgeous "A La Luna". Once again, the Ives brothers are in sublime form, serving up twenty two sketches of nocturnal cool imbued with their usual electro-acoustic magic.


A1. Demi Paradise
A2. The Sounds Of Earth
A3. Cloud Cuckoo Land
A4. Stardust
A5. Orbit Unknown
A6. Ready For The Moon Trip
A7. The Girl From The Green Planet
A8. Jerusalem
A9. A La Luna
A10. Magic In The Dark
B1. Early Machines
B2. Since You Went Away
B3. Sixties Twist
B4. Innocenti
B5. Love It Baby
B6. Loving In The Fine Light
B7. If I Close My Eyes
B8. This Light, This Light
B9. Voice In The Night
B10. Sad Hearts
B11. Nazca Lines
B12. Worry Beads

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