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Near The Exit Music

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'Captain Free' is London-based, Greek-born artist Katerina Koutouzi's third album, released on her own label Near The Exit Music. It takes you on a journey from Dalston’s neon market stalls, reflected in kerbside puddles, to clear Greek island waters; squidgy beats and airy synths, complemented by a gentle voice full of promise, blow over the listener like a familiar summer breeze.

She brings together traditional acoustic instruments like the daouli Greek drum, ancient instruments like the conch-shell, other acoustic instruments including the piano and the accordion and electronica-style programmed beats using pebbles, shells and bells.

Katerina often sings in different languages, too. She blends styles and song structures using simple archetypal melodies and ambient soundscapes, using her own field recordings of natural sounds and minimal instrumental explorations.


Barry says: An instantly alluring collection of off-piste synthy odes, dreamy breaks and fractured vocal snippets, all imbued with a whimsical and airy danceable electronic vibe. A beautifully produced collection, and one for any electronic fan.


1 Captain Free 4:00
2 Aeras Fissa 3:48
3 Better No Map 4:40
4 Adamos 4:33
5 Captain Free II 4:01
6 Captain Free III 3:49
7 Sailing Out Of The Storm 6:03
8 Wild On Blue 11:01
9 Captain Free IV

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