We Were Strangers

Beneath A Broken Sky

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Starting things off with the enchanting 'Darling I', We Were Strangers lie somewhere between the euphoric cinematic scale of vocal post-rock titans Jeniferever and the hushed progressive twists and turns of Daughter. It is a heady and enchanting combo, drifting from bombastic highs to near-silent ambience, with softly settling synths suddenly breaking into heavy stadium drums and shimmering acoustic guitar. Follower 'Giving It All Away' turns things up a notch, introducing huge reverb plates and a driving backline, ridden beautifully by pitch-perfect vocal longings and optimistic swooning strings. 

'Stand Alone' brings things back to earth with a strong acoustic / electric guitar duology, once again gracefully building piece by piece into a towering anthem of vocal harmonies and shiny organic instrumentation. 'Two Steps Ahead' is perhaps the most reminiscent of Daughter's first album, comprising of a spine-tingling two-part harmony, riding above a swirling but cohesive backdrop of delicately plucked gutar and simmering ambience. 

This is a beautifully constructed and brilliantly cohesive collection of pieces, perfectly toeing the line between visceral emotive outpouring and immersive ambient beauty. 


Barry says: Beautifully delicate instrumentation, perfectly measured progressive development and hearfelt vocal longing, sensitively produced and impeccably written, what's not to love? Stunning.


1.Darling I 03:09
2.Giving It All Away 05:06
3.Stand Alone 05:42
4.Unforgiving War 03:53
5.13/11 06:12
6.Two Steps Ahead 04:33
7.Come Alive 04:45
8.In The Between 05:40
9.Old Ideas 03:54

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