Yuri Morozov

Strange Angels

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Buried Treasure

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1970's experimental & electronic music recorded in soviet Russia by Yuri Morozov. Banned by the KGB for its esoteric content and references to forbidden spiritual texts, Yuri recorded over 46 albums between the 1970s until his death in 2006. Only available on cassettes passed around in secret within the Russian music underground until now.

“Goblin-esque prog / Sun Ra’s Nubian psychedelia / Alain Goraguer’s heavy soundtracks / industrial folk / stoner metal / primitive cyber glam - the most mind-blowing, engaging album you’ve never heard by a legend from the other side of the world” The Big Takeover

"wonderful psych, prog, electronic & library funk madness - going to be a big hit in our shop" Pete Reilly, Soul Jazz / Sounds Of The Universe

"like an off-kilter Soviet Radiophonic Workshop. Wonderful stuff!”
Dan Beck, Melbourne


Barry says: It's not often that something comes along that is diverse enough to really confound us as to what section to put it in, this is one of those. Brilliantly psychedelic, blipping electronics, soft folk and haywire noise. It's baffling and thoroughly brilliant.


1.Dance With Herons 01:22
2.We Always Triumph 00:52
3.Vague & Hard (pt2) 04:59
4.Eastern Tetraptih 02:33
5.Inexplicable (pt4) 03:23
6.Violet Vibrations 03:56
7.Machine Dancing 03:05
8.Avidia 02:26
9.Tayttiria Upanishada 02:53
10.Return To Atlantis 03:45
11.Met A Traveller At The Gates 02:36
12.Sadly All 01:55
13.If There's A Life 02:36
14.Algamaguma 03:00
15.Gita Shakti 03:00
16.Blue Star Wonderer 03:47
17.Veni Creator Spiritus 00:57
18.Shall Come Forth The Demons 02:06
19.Healings 03:10
20.Ecclisiastes 1, 5 - 9 01:56
21.Revelation 8 - 2, 7 - 13 03:19
22.The Fameless Monologue 00:51
23.Eien, Zwei 02:43
24.Space Net Appreciation 01:28
25.Keyboard Perversion In Flat 01:45
26.Moonlight Shadows 04:43
27.Strange Angels 01:56

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