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Motion Ward

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Uon is the proUon is the project of an artist operating between Chicago and Berlin. The producer also has released music under the aliases Caveman LSD, DJ Paradise, and uses the pseudonym ‘special guest DJ’ for all mix / DJ related outings. A collage of other worldly radio transmissions, electro-magnetic static, celestial ambience and churning, mantle-crushing vibrations. If you were to have some kinda ultrasonic recording device stationed in orbit somewhere in our Milky Way, receiving frequencies far beyond the sonic spectrum of 20hz - 20khz, then this could well be the results of your efforts!


Matt says: Back in stock for a limited time only. Outerspace electrostatic never sounded so good!


A1. Zlo
A2. Kosm
B1. SuB1
B2. Kissing

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