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Masonic Forest / Jordan

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The enigmatic Mr Assister returns to his lab for BEAM's second release (over a year since the first one, which is still quite hot in my box....-Matt). Equally as shamanic, and resonating with our primal instincts, "Masonic Forest" sees a rabble of delirious bongos get blown off course then held back together by a humming, elastic band mid-bass. Intoxicating and reeking of outdoor dance parties, this is the perfect soundtrack to tribal, 'feathers'n'facepaint' (remember?!) terraces and dancefloors alike and pretty much epitomizes the term 'rainforest house' probably a year or two after I initially coined it! "Jordan" keeps us equatorial, another sweltering hot summer house jam to get truly lost in, with a similar sound palette to "Masonic Forest". Immediately giving you that injection of sweaty. balmy nights dancing under the stars; don't sleep on this fiery double-header of hot house action. Highly recommended!


Matt says: Mr Assister lays down a new standard for the 'rainforest house' blueprint. Instantly taking us back to that feathers n facepaint vibe!


Masonic Forest

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