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Simple Music Experience Vol.2

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Macadam Mambo

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Fresh from the metallic stomp of the "Danzas Electricas" double pack (on its way back in soon, folks), Macadam Mambo team up with their friends and fellow freaks at Simple Music Experience for a snarling survey of contemporary France's electronic underground. Originally given a cassette release (SM05) by the Bordeaux/Marseille label in 2016, this 17 track set powers through industrial, synth-pop, jakbeat and post punk, keeping things experimental and electrified. We're in scuzzy synthwave territories on Alex Larsen's opener, before Alfa Suspiria harness the gloomy electronics of the So Young, So Cold comp. Violent Quand On Aime, Lostsoundbytes and Le Matin adopt the Tolouse Low Trax style of industrial funk before the varied B-side sees Mr. Crane, Svezia Inferno and Panoptique tackle post punk, darkroom industrial and rain-soaked ambience respectively. On the C-side HÉLAS! get all Bauhaus, United Assholes (what a name) buzz through eastern synth tones and Panoptique delivers a definite standout with the concentric weirdness of "Inutiles Abats" before the exceptional Simplists take over the turntable to take us home with three of the last five tracks. I'd suggest you take a hit of Sasha Mambo's madcapped edit of "Workforce" or the brilliantly titled "Trigger Of Hell" if you like it slow and low...


Patrick says: Macadam Mambo serve up their second double pack in as many months with this vinyl version of Simple Music's 2016 cassette. Bristling with electricity, punk attitude and lo-fi power this is the perfect companion piece to Danzas Electricas. All hailz the dark wired sovnd!


A1. Axel Larsen - Thème 1
A2. Alfa Suspiria - Obsession
A3. Violent Quand On Aime - Sheraton
A4. Lostsoundbytes - Disacordedd (Short)
A5. Le Matin - Gone Ego
B1. Mr. Crane - Le Temps (Extended)
B2. Svezia Inferno - Armabianca
B3. Panoptique - Alright
C1. HÉLAS! - Reaching The Top
C2. United Assholes - Untitled
C3. Panoptique - Inutiles Abats
C4. Radiante Pourpre - Untitled
C5. Simplists - Antenne De Satlingrad
C6. Futeisha - Dannato
D1. Simplists - Workforce (SM Edit)
D2. Simplists - Trigger Of Hell
D3. Tamara Goukassova - La Collision Des Mondes

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