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"The model where men control everything, and there's a woman singing on top of music that men have produced, for men's gratification, is breaking down.” says Cicely Goulder. “It’s reinforced with children all the time, that girls should be doing specific roles. But it definitely is changing.” Kaleida, who write, record, mix and produce all their music themselves, are a part of that change.

The electropop duo met when Christina Wood, who had spent many years looking for a musical partner, was put in contact with Cicely by a friend. The creative chemistry was there from the start. “I feel like we intuitively get each other,” says Cicely, who was working in film music at the time but jumped at the chance to produce Christina’s vocal-led demos. Christina agrees. “We have a special chemistry that’s not something you find all the time.”

Tear The Roots, Kaleida’s debut LP, offers a deep, unsettling kind of pop.


1. Convolution
2. Echo Saw You
3. All The Pretty Pieces
4. Division
5. Free
6. Think
7. Coco
8. Meter
9. House Of Pulp
10. 99 Luftballons
11. Tear The Roots

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