Polaris 1°

Image of CEM3340 - Polaris 1°
Record Label
Lunar Orbiter Program

About this item

CEM3340 at the helm of the Lunar Orbiter Program's first mission : "Polaris 1°". What we have here is the very crème of underground electro / street beats / mechanized funk. Essential for fans of Drexciya, Aux88, Dave Clarke, Trenton Chase etc etc. Highlight for me is "Salacya 2004", sawtooth riffs charged forward as a brilliant little vocal refrain instructs us to 'dance until the sun rise'. Sandwidged by two fully authentic electro numbers, the street level grit of "Sedna" and the space-age glow of "Hygiea".


A1. Sedna
A2. Salacya 2004
B. Hygiea

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