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Alec Mansion

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A sublime slice of boogie-funk, Alec Mansion has steadily gained the status of a "crate-digging classic". Accordingly, it has been near-impossible to find a copy you can actually play for years.

Originally released in 1983, the LP arrived with impeccable credentials; programming duties were handled by Dan Lacksman (the brains behind Telex, the "Belgian Kraftwerk") whilst production came from Marc Moulin (of jazz-rock fusion heroes Placebo). At the time, like so many records before and since, it's wonders were lost on them public at large and it's appeal was confined to critics. Today, it's a masterpiece lauded by boogie aficionados from Liege to Los Angeles.

On the rare occasions it turns up secondhand, it commands eye-watering figures. A record that has eluded even the most seasoned of vinyl freaks, this is highly recommended if you're a lover of analogue boogie/synth-funk (and let's be honest here, who isn't?!)

The original artwork of both jacket and sumptuous, full-colour inner sleeve have been faithfully restored; the latter featuring Mansion's memorable lyrics emblazoned across the pleasing jazzy early 80s design. 

Remastered and pressed on 180g vinyl this is another bomb from Be With, everybodys favourite reissue label.


David says: If Dam Funk met Phoenix in a Parisian late night boogie bar in the eighties and they decided to jam until the sun came up, this is what the music they made would have sounded like. Ace.


Dans L'Eau De Nice
Laid, Bête Et Méchant
Quand Je Serai Grand
Du Tu Au Tout
Où Es-Tu
Toi, C'est Different
Trop Triste
Knock-Out A Knokke Le Zoute

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