Frank Murillo

Letting It Rest

Image of Frank Murillo - Letting It Rest
Record Label
Östra Discos

About this item

De Los Miedos continue to bring the reissue heat with this 1986 new-wave disco winner from native New Yorker Frank Murillo. The multi-instrumentalist mentions Queen, David Bowie and Santana as his biggest musical influences, but you'd struggle to guess that from this left of centre winner. Drum box engaged, Murillo hits us with a pinging white funk bass, tumbling techno-tropical percussion and funky off beat keys, before a chiming Italo melody and rough guitar riffs pave the way for his impassioned vocals. Handling the entirity of the instrumental duties as well as vocal biz, Frank fully rocks the spot, rolling up his sleeves and leading us through a killer leftfield disco boogie cut which is gonna smash it for Balearic and cosmic crowds. With OG copies soaring in price since recent spins on Red Light, NTS and PBS, this is one hot piece of wax. Catch it while you can!

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