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Double LP compilation of Dutch electronic artist Michel Banabila focusing on his incursions into otherworldly and imagined realms. LP1 is a compilation of works spanning over 20 years that acts as a bridge between his earliest work and his contemporary practice. LP2 is a reissue of his early masterpiece Marilli, a highly sough-after album that acts as both an LSD inspired DIY tribute to Byrne and Eno's Ghosts and a youthful exploration of Banabila's personal background and his experience as a squatter in Amsterdam in the early 80s. Gatefold LP with archival pics, essay and artwork by Alan Briand.


1. Where Old Meets New
2. The Attic
3. Our Alien Voice
4. The Mandolin Tape
5. II
6. Melodica & Bells
7. In A Language I Can Understand
8. IV
9. Woob Blip Blip
10. Inner City
11. I
12. II
13. III
14. IV
15. V
16. VI
17. VII
18. VIII
19. IX
20. X 

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