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Local Honey

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A collection of improvisations and loops from a 2 hour session @ the studio compiled into a limited edition beat tape and transferred on red hot wax! Ace stuff here by Horatio Luna, a side project of bassist Henry Hicks, of Melbourne's 30/70 hip-hop crew. While the band are receiving a lot of attention overseas and particularly in Europe thanks to Rhythm Section as well as the recent release of ‘The Strut’ film clip through Stamp The Wax, this sees their skilled rhythm man provide some mellow, weed-soaked vibrations, heavy on Rhodes and lively programmed beats. Smooth flowing, unhurried and a languid, it finds itself more comfortable in the daytime, a soundtrack to a day's pottering around the house as flecks of sunshine burst through narrow paned windows or the perfect album for Sunday smooching with your loved one. Promising stuff from down under. Tip!


1. Local Honey
2. Da Don
3. Nectar
4. Andrew Spice
5. Coconut Water
6. Alta Negras 

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