When Doves Cry - 2017 Reissue

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The last of this batch of "Purple Rain" single reissues treats us to Prince's all-conquering power pop smasher "When Doves Cry" backed with the equally essential non-album track "17 Days". I'm going to assume you're aware of the magnificent A-side (you do live on this planet after all...) and keep my gushing to a minimum, BUT, this is one of the finest pop songs ever written - synth funk to the power of rock riffage squared and he doesn't even bother with a bassline. Not only was "When Doves Cry" the best selling US single of 1984, it was also the first time since the Beatles that anyone had a number one movie, album and single all at the same time! If you don't know "17 Days", then allow me to make the introductions. "Snapping percussion, outrageous bass riff and killer hook, this is a Piccadilly customer...Piccadilly customer, this is the best Prince B-side!"


A. When Doves Cry
B. 17 Days

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