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Balearic Blah Blah Vol. 14

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The incognito re-edit label Balearic Blah Blah is back once again with a fresh batch of DJ delights from a cast of master editors. First off we have the mysterious Bastardo, who treats us to an extended cut of a seriously underrated Dino Paniele track. Riding on a thick steady beat and panning across the spectrum with flutters of jazz and scat singing, this beast of a track will lock down any dancefloor under the right spell. Opening the B-side is another Bastardo cut, this time aimed for the chill out set with the folky slo-mo "Il Sole Viola" that will surely put a smile on the faces of most beach freaks. AHKBE bring a well-needed extension of a very pricey and hard to find track - the Prince/Sheila E influenced "Nude Walkin" from 1989, an instrumental boogie stepper which has been a secret spin for a few of of the world’s top Balearic DJs. For those in the know, Melbourne-based (George) Hysteric has been relentlessly hammering out quality edits in abundance the last few years on labels like Public Possession, Fuego International and Bordello A Parigi. Covering everything you need, from italo to cosmic to euro-disco, his cuts of obscure dug-out finds usually offer a WTF moment to anyone who hears them. Here he delivers a wonky feel-good euro-boogie groover titled "Agmoslo Juntos" with a Hispanic woman lisping something about sex followed by a ridiculously carefree synth melody. Closing this 14th installment of the Blah Blah series is Manchester’s worst kept secret Haners with the laid back & bouncy white-man funk of "Red (Haners Ext. B-Side Version)". Could the title refer simply to the colour of the singer’s hair? Maybe, but keep that under your hat.


Patrick says: The Balearic Blah Blah family keep us moving and grooving on the lost 14th release, bringing us beachside boogie, 80s pop and a white funk winner. 'Ave it!


A1. Dino Paniele - Berry Boat (Bastardo Extension)
A2. T Coop- Sexy Walkin (AH And KBE Edit)
B1. Il Sole Viola (Bastardo Edit)
B2. Agmoslo Juntos (Hysteric Edit)
B3. Bam - Red (Haners Ext B-Side Version)

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